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Automatically disburse payroll, dividends, or similar payments to individual or business accounts on predetermined dates.

  • Direct Deposit/Payroll
    • Reduce cost and control disbursement of funds.
    • Protect your busines from check fraud and give all your employees the convenience of direct deposit
    • Your employee eliminates a trip to their bank and having to wait for the item to clear or any fees that may apply
  • Create a direct deposit template or upload an ACH Nacha file within FNBMT online banking portal to direct the deposit of your employees payroll and/or reimbursement expenses
  • Import/upload a direct deposit Nacha formatted file from an in-house payroll system to FNBMT online banking system for single system uploads
  • Create a template within FNBMT to initiate corporate ACH credits and/or pre-authorized debits
  • Import/upload a payment Nacha formatted file direct from your inhouse account payable (if available) in FNBMT online banking system
  • Tax Payments:
    • Benefit of electronic Tax Payments (State and Federal)