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Our Why

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Our Why.

2024 is a milestone for our bank. We have served our customers through 150 years of achievements, joy, challenges and change. As we embark on our next 150 years, we are reaffirming our promise to be there for our customers and communities whenever and wherever they need us. In person, face-to-face. It’s what makes this community bank powerful.

You—our customers, our team, our partners, and communities—are our why.

In a world that is increasingly replacing local with global, personal contact with screen time, and human expertise with artificial intelligence, businesses and families who are trying to achieve their dreams and build their wealth are in no-man’s land. Our builders and doers need a financial expert who will go all-in on commitment and show up to get the job done. You need human expertise on your team.

First National Bank of Middle Tennessee exists to improve the financial health of every customer and community we serve. We promise to be there when you need us.

Discover how we work to earn your trust every day.

Accessibility is half of the issue. Expertise is the other half. When you need an answer, a solution, or a sounding board that you trust completely, we’re the name at the top of your list.
We have a reputation for a certain kind of customer–a customer that values our expertise to become successful and grow financially. The way we got there was by helping our customers become better financial thinkers and more consistent financial doers.
World wars, recessions, the Great Depression, manned space travel, fintech–we’ve seen it all in our first 150 years. And we’re growing stronger every year to serve our people and communities better than ever before, whatever lies ahead.
Nothing virtual about it, we’re 100% in-person and 100% participating whenever and wherever we’re needed. Whether its personally, professionally, or for the community, our neighbors know they can count on us.
Even with untold years of collective experience and the best educated bankers in the marketplace, we work hard on due diligence with every deal for every customer. When we say we will do it, we’ll do it. We when say we’re behind you, we are. You can take that to the bank, and back.
We are positive change agents for the long-term success of our customers and the health of our communities. That’s why we bring the best innovations from larger markets to our smaller markets and “community” to our larger markets. Our experience in all markets benefits everyone. We continue to better ourselves, our products and services, and ultimately the lives of our customers.

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The First National Bank of Middle Tennessee is a full-service financial institution with branches in Warren, Bedford, Davidson, Rutherford  and Williamson counties, as well as a mortgage office in Murfreesboro, Tenn.