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Receivables & Deposits

ACH Concentration, Digital Payments and Automatic Drafts help you speed-up the collection of your receivables and streamline reconciliation allowing you to have more control of your cash flow with predetermined payment and settlement dates.
Not only can ACH Automatic Drafts be used to collect the amount owed by your customers, it can also be used to concentrate cash held at other Financial Institutions into your account at FNBMT, which further streamlines your reconciliation process.
Create a pre-authorized payment template in FNBMT Online Banking to collect single and/or repetitive consumer payments.
Import/Upload an ACH Nacha formatted file from an in-house billing system to collect pre-authorized debits (payments). 
Enjoy increased efficiency by automating processes — giving your employees more time to serve your customers.
Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and/or Business Mobile Deposit (mRDC) enables businesses to make deposits electronically to FNBMT by scanning check(s) or taking a picture of check(s). In addition to processing the transaction, the service allows you to capture remittance and/or invoice data to post to your accounts receivable system.
Reduce the cost and delays typically associated with trips to the bank to make your daily deposits.
RDC and/or mRDC eliminates the need to physically transport checks, allowing you to make deposit(s) at your convenience.

Accelerate posting of payments to receivables system; RDC and mRDC reduces float inefficiencies by enabling you to make same-day deposits quickly and without leaving the office.
The needs of your customers, and your business, are constantly evolving.

That's why First National Bank of Middle Tennessee partnered with BancCard to offer a wide range of innovative payment solutions — designed to help you win new customers, build customer loyalty, attract repeat business, and create efficiencies.
Contact your local banker to learn more about how merchant services can help improve your business' cash flow and streamline your receivables process.

  • Streamline operations – manage inventory, employee schedules, payroll and more from one platform
  • Greater flexibility – accept more types of payments including EMV® chip cards and digital wallets such as Apple Pay® and more
  • Convenience – Manage payments (credit, gift, loyalty and more) along with many business tasks from a single source eliminating the need for multiple vendors
  • Business performance analytics – uncover insights about your sales, customers, and similar businesses to help enhance your marketing efforts and improve the bottom line

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