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Payables & Risk Management

  • Direct Deposit/Payroll
    • Reduce cost and control disbursement of funds.
    • Protect your business from check fraud and give all your employees the convenience of direct deposit
    • Your employee eliminates a trip to their bank and having to wait for the item to clear or any fees that may apply
Direct Deposit/Payroll
  • Create a direct deposit template or upload an ACH Nacha file within FNBMT online banking portal to direct the deposit of your employees payroll and/or reimbursement expenses
  • Import/upload a direct deposit Nacha formatted file from an in-house payroll system to FNBMT online banking system for single system uploads
Corporate Trade Payments (B2B)/Vendor Payments
  • Create a template within FNBMT to initiate corporate ACH credits and/or pre-authorized debits
  • Import/upload a payment Nacha formatted file direct from your in-house account payable (if available) in FNBMT online banking system
  • Tax Payments:
    • Benefit of electronic Tax Payments (State and Federal)
  • Ease of Use – create wire template(s) for one-time and/or recurring payments
  • Efficiency – the fastest way to send money
  • Security – offers multiple layers of security as well as configurable user permissions and transfer limits
  • Reporting – delivers notification of payment sent or received for accurate record keeping
  • Pay one-time or recurring bills with ease
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Set up payment reminders
  • Ensure payments are received on time
  • Have all payee information in one convenient place
  • Retain funds until paper drafts are presented for payment
  • Avoid paper clutter
FNBMT Check Positive Pay Services, within our Online Banking Portal, helps detect potential fraud losses and control of ACH debits with immediate pay/no pay decisions on potentially fraudulent activity.

FNBMT Check Positive Pay Services within our Online Banking Portal helps detect potential check fraud by electronically matching checks that are presented to the checks you have issued.
Every business day, you send an electronic file of the checks your company has issued. FNBMT compares the information in this file with the checks presented for payment, either as cash letters or in our bank’s teller windows. FNBMT identifies non-matching items, finds and correct encode errors, and notifies you of suspect items.
After researching the items, you decide whether non-matching items will be paid or returned.
Comprehensive Check Fraud
Positive Pay allows you to be proactive in reviewing potential fraud items. In addition to enabling you to detect fraud on checks presented, it also allows you to avoid potential fraud at the teller window, non-matching items are not paid. This comprehensive service reduces your exposure to check forgery and fraud.
Quick Payment Decisions
You do not have to request photocopies of check in question. You can view images on non-matching check items via Online Banking portal the day after they are issued to determine whether they should be returned or paid. You will be notified of an exception and you will need to decision the item by 10:30am CST.
Enjoy automatic use of your end-of-day balances to earn interest or pay down a line of credit.
Sweep Service
Sweep and Automated Borrowing is an electronic link between DDA’s and/or a credit facility.
  • Automated movement of funds efficiently
  • Automated repayment on line of credit minimizes interest expense

Line of Credit Sweep
Automate Sweep Service – automatic use of your end-of-day balances to earn interest or pay down a line of credit.
Reduce your workload and worries – By automatically maintaining your target balance, sweep service reduces your workload and eliminates worries about transfers not made because of employee turnover or absenteeism within your company. 
Access information easily – you can view sweep transactions through FNBMT Online Banking. 
  • Available to business customers with an open credit line with First National Bank of Middle Tennessee
  • Keep your money working for you, automatically
  • Receive benefits where you need them the most:
  • Designate a target checking balance
  • Excess funds are automatically swept into line of credit account to pay down balance
  • Funds are swept back over to your checking should you fall short of your balance
  • Access information easily; view sweep transactions through FNBMT Online Banking
Control your cash management system with a First National Bank of Middle Tennessee Zero Balance 
Whether your control needs are for collections or disbursements, Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) let you automatically monitor and manage your accounts daily.
With the ability to set floor and ceiling balance levels, your company can separate distinct disbursement or deposit activity into specific accounts — while eliminating excess balances by retaining cash in a single master account.
Enjoy the ability to issue payroll checks without worrying about making a funding deposit or transfer.
Deposit money at subsidiary level without a complicated process to report the deposit make or initiate the funds transfer.

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