Keep 24/7 tabs on your debit or ATM card, straight from your phone. smsGuardian text alert service urgently notifies you when suspect charges appear on your card — such as charges from outside the country and charges over a certain dollar-amount.

Approve or reject the charge at the touch of a button. If you believe your card has been compromised, a professional fraud analyst will block your card and contact you immediately.


smsGuardian Essentials:

  • Text message alerts for unusual debit/ATM card activity
  • Get notified of charges that occur outside the US
  • Require approval for charges over a certain dollar-amount
  • Approve or reject charges directly from your phone
  • Block card automatically when you reject a charge
  • Immediate, professional follow-up if your card has been compromised

Want to Learn More About smsGuardian® Alerts?

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