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Check out this exclusive account that helps younger people develop a lifetime of good saving habits.

Key Features

  • Competitive Interest
  • No Monthly Fee
  • 5 Free Withdrawals Per Quarter*
  • Free Digital Banking
  • Exclusive savings account for young people under age 21
  • Helps younger people develop saving habits
  • Competitive interest (paid quarterly)
  • $10 minimum balance to earn interest
  • No monthly fee
  • Free digital banking services, including:
    • Online banking
    • Mobile banking
    • And more
  • $10 minimum deposit to open

No ACH withdrawals or point-of-sale transactions allowed.

*You may make make five (5) withdrawals each quarterly stement cycle.  $1.00 fee for each subsequent withdrawl.  The term electronic funds transfer means any transfer of funds that is initiated through an electronic termainal, telephone, computer or mangnetic tape for the purpose of ordering, instructing, or authorizing a financial institution to debit or credit a consumer's account.