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FNBMT Check Positive Pay Services, within our Online Banking Portal, helps detect potential fraud losses and control of ACH debits with immediate pay/no pay decisions on potentially fraudulent activity.

FNBMT Check Positive Pay Services within our Online Banking Portal helps detect potential check fraud by electronically matching checks that are presented to the checks you have issued.

Every business day, you send an electronic file of the checks your company has issued. FNBMT compares the information in this file with the checks presented for payment, either as cash letters or in our bank’s teller windows. FNBMT identifies non-matching items, finds and correct encode errors, and notifies you of suspect items.

After researching the items, you decide whether non-matching items will be paid or returned.

Positive Pay allows you to be proactive in reviewing potential fraud items. In addition to enabling you to detect fraud on checks presented, it also allows you to avoid potential fraud at the teller window, non-matching items are not paid. This comprehensive service reduces your exposure to check forgery and fraud.

You do not have to request photocopies of check in question. You can view images on non-matching check items via Online Banking portal the day after they are issued to determine whether they should be returned or paid. You will be notified of an exception and you will need to decision the item by 10:30am CST.