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Increase efficiency with automated information reporting and online transaction initiation tools.

Direct inquiry and transaction services offer easy-to-use information reporting and transaction initiation to enhance your back-office operation and improve the accuracy of your financial information.

Up-to-date information about your banking activities makes controlling your funds easier and allows you to maximize available cash. Transaction initiation is simple for internal transfers, ACH transfers and stop payment options. Our online banking service is a modular service, as your needs change you may add new services to meet specific requirements.

  • Anytime, anywhere access – Online banking services from your office, home or while traveling using an internet connection and a standard browser
  • Secure and confidential – multi level authentication with an additional level of authentication for payment initiation (ACH and / or Wire)
  • Internet payment options – Efficient and secure Internal account transfers and ACH payment origination for Corporate and Personal: Payroll, Tax Payments, Cash Concentration and B2B transactions.
  • Reporting for your information needs – Access information on balances, transaction details, paid checks, and other information.

Choose the easier way to see your monthly statement — free e-Statements, expedited electronically for your convenience. There's no excess paper to clutter your company files. Instead, access your statement online in seconds.

It's a simpler way to keep track of your account information each month. You're even notified instantly as soon as your statement is made available, no delays in delivery. Enroll today.

  • Deter Fraud
  • Free electronic statements for your business account
  • 24/7 online statement access
  • Easily accessible through business online banking
  • Instant notification as soon as your statement is available
  • Reduce Clutter

Enroll in e-Statements today through business online banking.