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What is SMS?

(SMS) Short Message Service is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communication protocol that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices.

What is smsGuardians®?

A service giving cardholders the ability to receive and respond to text alerts on pre- determined transactions chosen by the Financial Institution. Cardholders can receive text alerts to their cell phone for their enrolled Visa, MasterCard, or ATM cards.

Features and Benefits

For the Cardholder

  • Two-way text communication
  • Can enroll up to ten devices per web account
  • Do-Not-Disturb window capability
  • One year enrollment period
  • All major phone carriers supported
  • International Transactions generates an alert with any approved authorization originating in a country outside the US.
  • Transactions Out of State will generate an alert with any approved transaction
  • that takes place outside the cardholder's home state.
  • Transactions Greater Than … will generate an alert with any approved transaction greater than $200. The amount selected by the bank.
  • 3 or More Transactions in a 24 hour period will generate an alert for any approved transactions greater than 3 (the number selected by the bank). It will provide the merchant name that triggered the alert. This allows the cardholder to determine if they have completed that many transactions and where.
  • Fuel Transactions will generate an alert with any approved authorization at an automated fuel pump. Gas stations provide a dollar amount in the text message and automated fuel pumps will not provide a dollar amount. Reminder: an automated fuel pump will preauthorize based on a single sum determined by the merchant which could be a dollar, $75, or more.
  • Card Not Present will generate an alert when an approved transaction was entered into the system manually, swiped using a magnetic stripe read and reading track one only, or manually keyed in and recognized as e-commerce. Visa will recognize a manual entry tied to the cardholder's internet transactions whereas MasterCard recognizes internet activity with a manual key ecommerce entry.
  • Declined Authorization will generate an alert when declined transactions take place. The system will not send a message if the card status has been changed to a Hot Card that is tied to a lost or stolen card.

How do cardholders sign up for smsGuardian®?

Signing up is easy. In fact, you can sign up for smsGuardian® online in just a few steps.

Are there security features in place to protect cardholder information?

Yes, we do not provide full cardholder information in any of the communications. Only the last 4-digits of the card number will be provided. This service is PCI compliant.

What happens if the cardholder does not reply to a text message?

Nothing, if no confirmed fraud response is received from a cardholder in 12 hours, the text message times out. If the cardholder does not respond to non-fraud texts, it will be considered a good transaction.

Can a cardholder receive a text alert and a call from a Risk Management/Fraud Center Analyst?

Yes, because these are two different products and it is possible that cardholder to receive a text message and a call. The call may come from PRISM analyst. PRISM analysts will also have the ability to know when a cardholder has received a text alert on a transaction. Analysts will work the fraud case as a result of the text, hard block the card, and notify the Bank. An analyst that works the case will be able to review the card and see that the card has been blocked due to fraud and work accordingly.

Will the text appear to be from smsGuardian® or First National Bank?

The text will reference FNBMT followed by Guardian Alert.

The text response is placed in the highest priority to the Risk Management/Fraud Department. The next available analysis will hard block the card. The analyst will go through the appropriate channels of notifying the Bank of the fraud and working the case.