Kids will enjoy learning and earning in this online interactive game. Designed to teach financial literacy, this multi-level game lets kids "travel" to real-life exotic locales - all while building upon the principles of good financial decisions.

Plus, they will earn real-life rewards to make sure those good savings habits stick. Soon those real-life rewards today will become good financial habits in the future!


Money Island Essentials:

  • Geared for kids age 8 to 14
  • Free, multi-level online game
  • Teaches valuable financial skills as they play
  • Enhance experience with a physical passport and stickers
  • Earn real-life rewards
  • Parents can play along
  • Teachers can use in classroom
  • Meets national standards for financial literacy
  • Developed by an award-winning teacher
How it Works

The Game

Kids learn the principles of financial responsibility and decision-making first-hand through interactive missions in this exciting online world. These young financial apprentices tackle challenges, such as helping Stone Broke, a young man who's down on his luck due to some poor financial decisions. Children have the ultimate control in steering him toward financial well-being by choosing better spending habits -- picking up on valuable lessons along the way!


Good spending habits are not only learned, they are also reinforced with the chance to earn real-life rewards for game achievements. Parents, guardians, and teachers control reward guidelines and possibilities.

Learn more about the rewards available to your young saver.


On top of tracking their progress virtually, children can also do so in real-life with their MoneyIsland Passport. Each breakthrough earns a stamp in their passport, marked by colorful stickers that reflect the images, characters, and lessons learned in the game. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for grown-ups to interact with kids, tracking their progress and watching each milestone materialize into real-life achievements.


Though geared toward tweens ages 8 to 14, the lessons instilled in MoneyIsland will serve the players throughout their adult life.

The curriculum in MoneyIsland is aligned with national standards published by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. MoneyIsland is designed to build skills in three basic areas: Managing Money, Saving & Investing, and Using Credit Wisely.

The lessons are presented in quests to exotic places, including:

  • Eiffel Tower - Spend, Grow, and Give
  • Great Wall of China - Want & Needs and Taxes
  • Sphinx - Types of Income
  • Atlantis - Using Credit Wisely
  • Big Ben - Understanding Interest
  • Acropolis - Building Wealth