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Notice to Our Customers – COVID-19 Relief


At First National Bank of Middle Tennessee, we are here for our customers, employees and communities during this COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting negative economic fallout. The effects of the virus can be felt through many industries in and around the communities that we serve.  As a result, we are offering financial assistance through this uncertain period to those who qualify. For customers effected by COVID-19 that were less than 30 days past due as of the date financial harm occurred because of COVID-19, we are offering payment deferrals or payment extensions.  If you qualify for this assistance, your credit will not be negatively impacted during the deferral or extension period.


The Bank is offering the following to those commercial and consumer borrowers impacted by the COVID19 pandemic:

Real Estate Secured Loans* 90-day payment deferral
Non-Real Estate Secured Loans** 90-day extension of payment
Late Charges For COVID-19 relief qualified borrowers, late charges will not apply during the modification period

*Allow the borrower to defer principal and interest payments. The maturity date will be advanced by the number of months payments were deferred.

**Allow the borrower to pay the accrued interest at the end of the extension period.  The payments extended will be added to the maturity date of the loan. 

If you are experiencing financial distress related to COVID19, please complete the Payment Modification Program request by clicking on the link below or contact your Loan Officer or local branch office to obtain the form to complete.

Payment Modification Program