Account Analysis Checking

Account Analysis Checking

Offset fees and charges with an earnings allowance. Account Analysis Checking counts your account balance in your favor — helping you afford increased transaction volume and minimize the costs of conducting business.

Your earnings allowance can cover your monthly service charge, checks paid and deposited, return items, and more. Even erase your fees entirely if your earnings allowance exceeds your total activity and maintenance costs.


Account Analysis Checking Essentials:

  • Offset fees with an earnings allowance
  • Earnings allowance based on your account balance
  • Reduce or erase several costs, including:
  • Monthly service charge: $7
  • Checks paid: 14¢
  • Checks deposited on us: 23¢
  • Local and foreign checks deposited: 48¢
  • Return items: $10
  • Free online banking
  • Free detailed account analysis statement
  • Free business debit card
  • Low $100 minimum deposit to open